Dr.Bhy Suliman


Dr Bhy Suliman Consultant Physiotherapist son Center Alqnayat Sharkia studyed the impact of all electrical currents in physical therapy, especially in the treatment of nerve and managed after studies to generate electric certain implemented through bones of the head and up to brain infected cells to activate it and made ​​this device results, the percentage of 100% says Dr. Bhy that this it can be through the use of this device treating patients stroke in children caused by lack of oxygen during the birth process and also the problems resulting from childbirth, Brain stem , and the use of some medical equipmentaffecting the skull as the new device can treat viral infections that afflict the brain spinal fever and other mentally retarded and cases of paraplegia patients nerves ,


East of nine siblings, Bachelor of Physical Therapy Cairo University in 1979. Traveled to Iraq and refused to enter the Baath Party because the idea contrasts with the doctrine of Islam Vtm arrested 6 months in Baghdad and then was deported to Egypt in the year 1982. Record 30 invention, obtained on 5 patents from Egypt, America and Susara and Saudi Arabia, the inventor of the first device in the world to treat 50% of the diseases of the brain and spine that was impossible treated before, traveled to Saudi Arabia at the invitation of a prince of the royal family in 1985 and refused Saudi national pride from the Egyptian nationality, the first Secretary General of the Egyptian inventors elected in 1991 and when he was unable to achieve the aspirations of Almokhtraeian by connecting to the presidency so he submit his resignation immediately. Has treated thousands of Egyptians and Arabs from difficult to treat diseases in any country in the world, traveled to Amman at the invitation of Sultan Qaboos in 1995 and there has treated diseases are difficult to treat in any country in the world and refused Omani nationality pride from the Egyptian nationality.

In 1996, gathered against him mafia Neurosergeon Bagahirh and let us know by clicking on the Minister of Health, which in turn closed clinics and prevent it from working resorted to justice, in 2004 he obtained a judgment against the Minister of Health is allowed to work on his invention after bringing what benefit the strength and health of his invention from the University of Cairo and measurement and calibration (with patent enough and sings about it all but Tlakik ministry staff does not en

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