Bae Joohyun

Red Velvet's Leader in Seoul, Korea Selatan

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Real Name ; Bae Joohyun

Stage Name ; Irene

Date of Birth ; March 29, 1991 (Aries)

Family ; Parents and younger sibling

Height ; 161 cm

Weight ; 44 kg

Blood Type ; A

Position ; Leader, Main Rapper and Lead Dancer

Motto ; Focus on the things that bring my mood up. Just like our 'Happiness' lyrics ㅋ ㅋ ^^

My Charming Point ; I don't know personally, but (people) say it's my reversal charms.

Personally ; I'm very shy. > // <)

Habits ; Holding hands, linking arms, and touching butt. ㅎ ㅎ

Favorite food(s) ; I eat everything well expect chicken. ㅡ ㅅ ㅡ)

Favorite music ; I like quite and comfortable music. and Red Velvet's songs too ㅋ ㅋ

Favorite Musician(s) ; BoA sunbae-nim >ㅅ<)/

Favorite Movie(s) ; The Notebook

Favorite Nickname(s) ; Hyun-ah~ ( cause my mom calls me this. ) > w <)

Favorite Numbers ; 43. ( cause I Love You. 하핫 ^^)/♡

Things I Collect ; Notes, Diaries, Purple.

Ideal Type ; Someone warm. '^')/

Everyday fashion style ; Something clean. Pants and a t-shirt!