Bia Simonassi

Brazilian-Italian, 40 years old woman from Brasilia (Brazil) living with her cute cat, Sebastian, and her love, Biagio, in Lugano (Switzerland), since 2007. Expert in (Business) Intelligence, (Strategic) Planning, (Customer Relationship) Marketing and (Project) Management, she studied at University of Lugano (USI), university of Brasilia(UnB) and university of Santa Catarina(UFSC).

Worked at many places from EXXON to Brazilian Confederation Industry and also at some ONGs as Brazilian Education for Development Agency. Since 2002, runs Free Your Ideas which mission is to help people to transform ideas into real projects, TREeBOOK Gallery, a digital gallery of eBooks, The Project Lab Show, an innovative course about (Project) Management, and The Rocket Technique, a way to work that changes everything (including you)!