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It must be noted however that lower temperatures, particularly when we get particularly sustained periods of winter, will put the tree in danger from leaf die back and bark splitting. The good thing though is that the tree can endure this, but the chances are that growth and fruiting will be restricted throughout the following spring and summer. Olive trees (Olea europaea) are usually found for sale at many garden centres or online suppliers. These are an evergreen tree which will add a Mediterranean feel into the garden. If you're lucky, notably if you reside in a milder region within the UK, your tree may deliver a good crop of edible fruit in a warm summer. orange trees for sale uk The best way to ensure that a container grown olive tree can survive a hard winter will be to move it into a cold conservatory, porch or greenhouse over winter. They won't flourish in a heated area because they require a variation of temperatures all year round for successful growth and bearing of fruit. Indeed, to initiate flowers and fruit growth, olive trees really need a two-month period of wintry weather (with temperatures below 10°C (50°F). To copy their natural living conditions in addition they have to have a fluctuation between night and day time temperatures. It could therefore not be smart to buy olive trees when your intention will be to have them indoors at all times as they are unlikely to flower. Another pointer to the olive tree’s origins is usually that very dry soil conditions can inhibit flowering, even if the tree is prepared to tolerate such conditions. Therefore, it is essential that you water the tree during dry spells between February and May. This is certainly crucial for fruit production even though your first instinct isn't to water during times of cold weather. As the motivation for many people when buying an olive tree would be to get an excellent crop of fruit careful pruning is crucial. Should you prune to excess the tree is unlikely to generate much fruit as new fruit is produced at the tips of the previous year’s growth. In order to prevent the new crop from failing to ripen make sure you thin the crop, decreasing the fruit numbers to three or 4 per one foot of branch within 21 days of flowering. olive trees for sale There is another interesting