Bernard Bialylew

Bernard Bialylew

Bernard Bialylew was born in France where he completed his studies.

But he quickly discovered that the title ‘Citizen of the World' seemed to have been created for him, since he successively lived in Spain, Holland, Great-Britain, Hong Kong and Shanghai, where he is living today.

Bernard has had an exceptional career path; he is a world renowned expert in Tourism and Travel and the former CEO of Asia Pacific Gulliver's Travel Associates; he retired in 2005 to devote himself to humanitarian activities focusing on man and the planet.

He is thus putting his humanist vision at the service of CyberDodo's message of respect and preservation.

Bernard and CyberDodo have known each other for years and we are extremely happy and truly proud to be associated with him and his commitment, his exceptional abilities, his kindness and his

Bragging rights

Not bragging but: Vegan, Practice 2 & half hours meditation a day, non smoker and non drinker (alcohol that is)! Support the MEAT FREE MONDAYS camplaigns, The SUMA CHING HAI INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION and the LOVING HUT RESTAURANTS worlwide.,