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Student and Blogger in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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My name is Bianca Greyvenstein and here you can learn a bit more about me.

I am currently a student at Murdoch University in Dubai, double-majoring in Business Information Systems and Journalism. I hope to transfer to the Australian campus to complete my Honors in 2018. I chose Journalism over Computer Science because, very early on, I decided that the hardware part of Information Technology is not for me.

I have a creative side and Journalism will enhance that aspect, while still providing me with useful knowledge and skills. I was exposed to journalism during high school when my writing skills ensured that I was nominated as the editor of the school Newspaper at the private high school that I attended in South Africa.

Business Information Systems appeals to the more technical and logical part of me. I am enamored with the idea of designing and creating a system to improve people’s lives. I enjoy programming to an extent and I seem to be able to pick the languages up quite quickly.

I would like to complete a degree in Psychology after finishing my current degree, to improve my understanding of how humans and machines can work together to change the world. My Master’s is yet undecided; however, I still have time to choose a direction.

Throughout my life, I have always had an interest in helping others and I have participated in volunteer programs through the school and with my family. To name a few: planting a vegetable garden for a less fortunate community, packing gift boxes for an orphanage, and volunteering at an animal shelter.

Furthermore, I worked in the HR department of a IT corporate and an HR consulting company as a temp for many of my school holidays. The job responsibilities included office work and filing, assisting with their online Management and Training System, and event coordination for corporate health and other awareness days, amongst others.

I completed a Toastmasters (Public speaking) as well as a Modeling course. I also have 9 years’ dance and 6 months’ drama experience. I was the Master of Ceremonies at a talent/fashion show and have some promotion experience. I am fluent in English and Afrikaans, and I am refining my French, after taking it as a subject for 3 years during high school.

My interests include reading, writing, dancing, yoga, and animals. I am intrigued by holistic living, veganism, and the possibilities of using a mindful life and compassion to improve living conditions all over the world. I believe that this can be ach

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