Bianca Allen


So..... Being that I am new to blogging, I am not new to expressing myself. Bluntly. As I go through college in the most awkward and over-working sense, I have come to discover that people are quite odd to say the least. Anywho. I guess you're looking for a few quick facts about me since you're looking at this tiny square. I enjoy reading and watching more Doctor Who that is healthy to a normal human being. Somewhere in between three jobs and full time classes I find my way here.... I am always very open to questions and occasional ranting! And no, I don't drink coffee (that answer will become relevant soon enough) (O)____(O)

If you guys could be some great people and scroll down to my blog that would be great! CLICKY CLICKY! <(._.<)

  • Work
    • Way too many places at once
  • Education
    • Florida International University