Bianca Grey

Brooklyn New York

After graduating high school in Pennsylvania (with a 2 year minor in Video). I set my sights on NYC and enrolled in the Video Production program at the Art Institute. After college I began working on major film sets from acting to, craft services, to PA work. This experience broaded my horizons on the intricate inner workings of video production. I went on to produce music videos, brand video content, and digital ads. In 2013 I found myself Post Production Coordinating for the exercise video library (6,000 exercises) for Microsoft Windows 8 new health platform. In the past year working with Mustache Agency; I have Post Coordinated videos for Teen Vogue, GQ, Glamour, and more. I am a Producer/ Coordinator / Writer. I continue to look for new projects and opportunites to create with others. Feel free to reach out at

  • Work
    • Mustache
  • Education
    • AOS in Video Production