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Power from a jar is that pure coffee?
Everything about dietary supplements
Vitamins, minerals, trace elements, proteins ... it seems that even an average exerciser cannot do without supplements. They really help? Is it pure stuff?

And what are the side effects?
Vitamins, minerals, supplements, food supplement, protein, purity, BCAA, creative, muscles, kidneys
Some supplements are recommended for athletes, contain a harmless stimulant: coffee plant extracts and some vitamins and micronutrients Introduction To Kyle Leon

For example, on the website of the brand Concept that the sports supplement Concept Sport brings to the market: "By following a special technique they developed a product with

all the good qualities of coffee but without the negative side effects." Spontaneously we think of caffeine. Of this, the positive effect on athletic

performance have long proven, so nothing new under the sun.
But apparently we are wrong. Because is also listed on the website: "Concept is a unique product, with no other supplement similar!" The supplement would

contain only 1.2 percent caffeine, which would 'a totally different level "than chemical (?) Caffeine or caffeine from coffee. It is completely unclear what

this means, and there is also no evidence for this claim argued. There is apparently more than caffeine to enhance athletic performance.