Bianca C. Williams

Educator in Brooklyn, New York

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As a cultural anthropologist, organizer, and author, I examine race and gender in the U.S. and Caribbean; Black women & happiness/emotional wellness; emotional labor & equity in higher education; and Black feminist pedagogy and leadership practices.

My book on Black women and happiness, "The Pursuit of Happiness: Black Women, Diasporic Dreams, and the Politics of Emotional Transnationalism," is available in the link above. Here, I follow a group of fabulous Black women as they use travel to Jamaica and the Internet to pursue happiness and cope with American racism and sexism. I argue that pursuing happiness is a political project for Black women.

I'm currently co-editing a book on "Plantation Politics and Campus Rebellions in Higher Education" with Dian Squire and Frank Tuitt, which will be out from SUNY Press next year. In this book, students, staff, and faculty examine how contemporary universities use plantation ideologies and strategies from the past to suppress campus activism and movements for equity and justice. We argue that the exploitation of Black people and Black labor are central to the inner-workings of academic institutions, and they must reckon with this if they seek to reach their aspirational goals of diversity, inclusion, and equity.

I practice feminist and inclusive forms of teaching such as "radical honesty," and offer workshops on them for educational institutions and organizing groups. You can check out my writing on Anthropology, #BlackLivesMatter, teaching, and the process of writing in the journals Souls and Cultural Anthropology, and the blog Savage Minds.

Finally, I'm a proud member of the #CiteBlackWomen collective. Check us out on Twitter and here:

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