Bianca Scully

Here’s a brief history of who Bianca is, what she does, and why you’ll want to hang out with her sometime. Growing up, Bianca, moved around a lot as an only child with a single mom. In her very early twenties she was lucky enough to fall in love with her best friend and after a small ceremony in Las Vegas the two were wed. Then they had a baby, and then another, and then another, and I think you’re getting the pattern. Other than her obvious love of children, Bianca is also a logistical mastermind, organizer and categorizer. Bianca has an innate talent for efficiency which is what spurred the idea for Panic Budget. Being the mother of 8 children she found that money was always in short supply. After a hard year with medical bills and an expensive move, she realized it was ridiculous for people on tight budgets to not have software to help them succeed.

That’s when Bianca put her logistical and organizational super powers to work and found the time, while raising the 8 hooligans, to design Panic Budget.