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Bibhash Auttri

It's been quite sometime now since I arrived on this planet and fell in love with the mesmerizing beauty that covered the underlying ugly beast that prowled the surface.

I learned the language and the alphabets with my Grandfather, Mr. Jitendra Nath Gogoi. I remember sitting on his lap on beautiful sunny mornings, as he narrated tales from the past. I remember holding his hand and walking across the paddy fields, learning to listen and decipher the various sounds of nature. Growing up surrounded by riddles and tales of bravery and mystery, I became interested in the science of society.

And so I started my journey into the depths of Sociology.

After 3 decades of struggle with enigma wrapped within riddles, I found myself being drawn towards the mightiest of them all, the pen. Through the river of words, I am trying to relive the beautiful emotional explosion that occurred while I was still struggling to read a complete word. An explosion that would lose its roots in infinity...