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Bibliosoft Library Automation Software

Bibliosoft(Electronic Library System) is a powerful, flexible and easy to use LibraryManagement System, capable to automate, manage and look after all thefunctionalities of small to big libraries of colleges, schools, universities, medicallibraries, legal libraries, corporate houses and charitable trust etc.

Bibliosoftis a software developed by the librarians and for the librarians. It offersmany flexible and convenient features, allowing librarians and library users tomaximize time and efficiency. On a networked system, this library software canenable users to save their time and also automate several processes.

Bibliosoftis capable of managing book issues, returns, magazine/newspaper subscriptions,book binding, periodical/journal bindings, calculating/managing fine, specialsearch options, generating various reports for record-keeping and reviewpurposes according to end user requirements.

More overthis software is fully compatible with bar code. Use of bar codes for library managementeases the everyday tasks of big libraries, where the number of transactionsexceed several thousands in number. Moreover, the software can work evenwithout bar codes seamlessly. The bar code generation and printing process is abuilt - in feature of this software.

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