Flory-vie Tuengan

Hey!!! I'm just an ordinary typical pinay. my family and friends call me "bic" for short. I'm not a celebrity,but I do fashion. Fashion is my passion.fashion for me is what makes you feel more comfortable with the dress you wear. I love having pictorial, but never i dream to be an artist or a model. I admire those people who Also doing fashion and who love fashion. I have only one dream in my life. To be happily married someday and to live a simple life. Family is the most important and everything to me. They are my strength. My greatest fear is losing a family. I don't know how to live my life without them. They are my first inspiration in every goal I dream. My mentor who teach me how to live my life with happiness even sometimes I'm feeling so hopeless, who guide me in every decision I made and who always give a right way in every path I took. No one but You- Jesus. I love you! I'm not here in this world without you. And I thank you for giving me life to see the world.