Hi I'm Dylan!! I'm 18 years young and my pronouns are he/him I really love EXO and I love Scoups from Seventeen!! I'm not really protective over my biases but don't get mad if I post about them. You can DM to follow if you want but I'll probably accept you. I'm a bit shy but I really like to meet new people so don't be afraid to DM me to talk if you have problems or just want a casual conversation. Some of my interests include Anime, Sports, Drawing and more so don't be afraid!! Also if you have kins tell me and I'll make sure to tag you and list your triggers if you decide to DM to follow because I wouldn't want to make anyone uncomfortable around me!! If you read this can you DM a picture of Scoups?? Just so I know anyways thanks for reading and I hope we can be friends!!