Sonja Bichsel

Winterhtur, Switzerland

I am writer and coach who passionately supports highly creative people to complete their projects. I came to writing after living through a crazy burst of courage while training as a coach. It resulted in me living in the mountains on my own for one year. Having time to explore my natural rhythm and enjoying nature created the space to play with words and write fiction that blends the inner and outer world.

Because I love contrast I decided to spend some time in Berlin half way through writing my first novel. Feeling burnt-out after completing my first draft I shoved the novel in the drawer and picked up drawing to add even more variety to what I do.

I enjoy learning and trying new things all the time and am continuously surprised how work in different disciplines allows me to evlove and grow in other areas of my life and work. Drawing has made me a better writer and writing makes me a better coach. They are all interconnected and when I drop the assumption that I have to be consistent in life I tend to create the best results.

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  • Work
    • Executive and Personal Coach
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    • ICF certified coach, M.A. Literature University of British Columbia