Bicky Saikia


I am Bicky, I born in the middle of a Cold December night in 1990.I am not writing about me here; I am not a great man that you would be eager to read my Bio.

Every people in this earth have a story. Not a story, thousands of stories are there attached with one life. And thousands of life is living in a story. You do not ever think that your story will be a fairy tale or a tragic one. Life's story is like a battle, and this battle never ends, even after your life also. people will carry on your story, your son/daughter, your friend, you lover, your well-wisher and even that man who met you once and departed to his way...he might be carry on your image in his mind even though you left this world.

Sometimes people feel like they are alone, but no we never can't be alone till the shadow following us, but in the dark? Yes in the Dark also Shadow Follow US.

The Sunset in the Background is to remind you about the upcoming night. Yes it might be dark, or bright by some Silver Moon...but it's very mysterious, and sometimes so cute(for those who live and die for LOVE).

And another thing to remind you is "Do not give UP', when I stared in this sunset, I think about the worst day I ever spend, or the best time I counted, life is going on in its own way, and If we give up for some reason (Whatever it is) we can't see this sunset, and each sun set telling us that Sun will Shine Again tomorrow.

And now let me be the real, I can help you, guess how?? I can provide following services:

Virtual assistance, Data Base Building, SEO, Sales lead generation, Market research and Analytics, online business Solutions, Graphic and logo Designing etc.

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