BYF in Andorra

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--i have no problems with anyone in particular, but i still have feelings, so i don't rlly like it when people push me around cuz they think they can. btw i not over sensitive, so i can take a joke/hint lol.

--dont bother req me if u don't like spam accounts. i use my acc like a spam/rant and if u have a problem with it too bad.

--pls DO NOT request to follow me on ig if u don't know me very well/r not close friends with me (ash, kiisae, aj, jace r the fam). dont be offended, but i post a lot of rants and block the people of whom i don't want to see the rant cuz i feel like they just might not understand what i feel like atm.

--srry to my friends who i blocked before!! i don't use the ig app, so i can't rlly accept/deny anyones req.

--if u are following me and u r rude to me or the fam ill block u, so don't.

--dont spam my dm with constant demands to follow me; i will block u.

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