David Lidor

I'm the founder of bicycle-riding.com. I'm also a electrical engineer, with years of experience in software development. In the last 10 years I am developing software for GPS navigation. Just like many technical people, I suffer from the common weakness: My marketing skills are quite limited. I found myself with good products, but without customers.

Over the years, I had some ideas of how to put my creation in the market. The last one was to build a web site that will help me in the mission.

But until the end of 2009, I had neither the time, energy, nor courage to make my dream come true: creating my own web site, my own business, and beginning my journey towards the goal of working from home.

As you can see, this site is not about GPS software. It is about me and about my main hobby, bicycle riding. My GPS software site is still waiting for me. But I have found so much joy in building www.bicycle-riding.com, that I am willing to put my other dream aside, at least for now.

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