Bidadari Lea


I am Maria Adelheid Bidadari Lea Ardyanto. Most people know me just for Bidadari Lea. I was born on October, 28th 1997; in Malang, Indonesia. I am currently living in Sidoarjo, 2 hours from my hometown. I spent my 10 years in Malang, and i moved to Sidoarjo in 2007. I was at:- TK Katolik Sang Timur Malang year 2001-2003. - SD Katolik Santa Maria 1 Malang year 2003-2006. - SD Katolik Sang Timur Malang year 2006-2007. - SD Cendekia Sidoarjo year 2007-2009. - SMP Cendekia Sidoarjo year 2009-2012. and i am now at SMA Katolik Untung Suropati Sidoarjo, i will graduate next year. I'm planning myself to take Social and Politic later.

I like listening to music, watching movie and spending myself alone. I love being in a blissful place, i love the sounds of cracked windows, i love cuddling. I LOVE ICE TEA SO MUCH. I have a boyfriend named Dave Christiano, we had planned everything and many! He is the very first person who is teaching me what the real love is. He was born in Jakarta, the capital city of my country, on May, 19th 1997. Our relationship is starting from October, 28th 2013, which is my 16th birthday. Once, we were only a bestfriend and we started fall in love each other :)

I am the first daughter of Ignasius Loyola Yudi Ardyanto and Clara Maria Mariza Kertaningtyas. I have one younger sister named Maria Eleonora Btari Laura Ardyanto.

i have some life goals: 1. Living in USA or at least visiting there!2. Taking my mother to fifth avenue in USA. 3. Making my father proud of me. 4. Married with the one i love, the one who know me better than i do, and accept for my flaws.5. Working at USA ambassador. Amin.

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    • SMA Katolik Untung Suropati