Glendale, California

Experience the ultimate in online shopping with BidPit -- a unique patent pending penny auction site that’s gaining popularity with Internet shoppers everywhere. Get top brands like Apple, Sony, Beats by Dr. Dre and more for up to 90% off their retail cost. BidPit features a variety of auction styles so whether you’re brand new to penny auctions or already a seasoned pro, there’s guaranteed to be something for you!

Go head-to-head with fellow bidders by participating in a high-stakes BidPit Auction -- similar to a traditional auction with bids starting at a penny. Or try a more laid back no-timer PitStop Auction and if your bid meets the hidden reserve price, you win. PitStop Auctions also feature surprise bonus games -- spin to win bonus prizes when the wheel appears!

And if traditional auctions or PitStop Auctions aren’t for you, BidPit also offers Interest and User Auctions. Interest Auctions feature high-ticket items and go live if enough users express interest in the item up for bid. And with User Auctions, you create your very own auction -- when someone wins, you receive the money from the sale PLUS up to a hefty 70% of the bid revenue!

BidPit is a great way to shop and save on so many fabulous items, and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. And because it’s so user-friendly, anyone can enjoy all that BidPit has to offer. Head to BidPit to find out why more and more online shoppers are choosing BidPit everyday!