Matt Wallace

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Matthew James Wallace was born on July 11th 1985 in Digby, (a small town in southwestern Nova Scotia.) He plays the drums and he’s damn proud of it. Matt has a propensity for adapting his playing to a myriad of styles. Well in high school Matt was involved in several metal/ punk bands, most notably Ava Maria (a group that was popular in his local area.) After this he played in a couple of rock acts in and around Red deer Alberta before deciding to return to College to pursue music as a full time career. Well in school Matt has been involved in many different ensembles and projects (Most notably the Art Blakey ensemble and the Patric Panus trio.) Matt has also work as the house drummer for Canada’s Wonder Land presents the British Invasion.
Matt is still attending school for music at Humber College and is currently involved with the Humber College B Band and will be preforming at Marshall Mcluhan High School on monday February 24 also at the Rex jazz club on march 17th and at Humber College for the Jazz and Comedy show on the 26th of March. Well at school Matt has been honing his craft and fine tuning his skills to further his abilities as a musician. He is currently studying with Mark Kelso (The percussion head at Humber college) He has also studied with Lone Nehering, Barry Romberg, Ben Ball and Shirantha Beddage.
At this time Matt is working with many other young and talented musicians that attend Humber College such as Riley Keller, Corey Sitek and Ethian Tilbury. In collaboration with these people he has amassed a large amount of playing experience and confidence.
In the near future Matt hopes to travel and study around the world with plans on visiting Europe, Brazil, China and America with his focuses set on brazil. Due to his love for samba and other forms of brazilian music Matt wants to study specifically with Tutty Moreno. Tutty is a popular Brazilian drummer and has one of the most beautiful feels on the drum kit.

Matt Wallace can be reached at or on facebook under Matthew Wallace.

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