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Alasdair MacLeod


I have been supporting students and pratitioners in the creative arts for the past decade, primarily within education as an information professional, but also as an assistant stage manager and performer in several successful immersive theatre productions.

This unique mix of roles has given me first-hand experience of working in high-pressure, high-stake creative environments and has helped me to strengthen my interpersonal skills; empathic, clear communication is key when working within groups who are passionate about their work.I am a confident speaker, happy in a range of situations from teaching digital literacy skills to teenagers to addressing whole theatre audiences.

My latest adventure has been a year in the Netherlands studying for a MSc in Games studies at the University of Amsterdam, combining my interests in education and immersive experiences with my love of games and with a rapidly evolving digital world. I have been part of many unique projects, creating an urban pervasive game in conjunction with a celebrated Dutch author, and creating concept interface designs for a charity designing a low cost smart-device for distribution in developing countries.

I am currently looking for new challenges and opportunities in serious/entertainment games production and in making immersive, pervasive games and experiences.