Lauren "Big" Bundy

San Francisco Bay Area

When I'm not talking so fast my words blend together about how much I love books or how I just met you but how you HAVE to come to 80s nite in San Francisco to dance until you're dehydrated, I can be classified by my love of a good dog, my passion for art and/or navel gazing, and my adoration for all things quotable or at least lively enough to laugh at. I am not all intellect, either. I swim, backpack, and hike. All in all, the best commonality between me and the good life is my belief that the goodness in the world in gentle and tenacious: "The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks"--Tennessee Williams. That...and that 90s comedies can never be forgotten: "When they get that syrup in 'em, they get a little antsy in their pantsy"--Super Troopers.

  • Education
    • UC Santa Cruz 2002-2004, UC Berkeley 2006-2008, The New School 2012