Student in Norco, Louisiana


Student in Norco, Louisiana

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hey!! im hale, 16, a trans boy, and also demi/homorom and homosexual! i.. i love my boyfriend a lot...

🔮my interests🔮


legend of zelda

fire emblem



parappa the rapper



im a pretty nice guy and i love talking to people, but it takes a while for me to muster up the courage to start talking to you actively so please dont think im ignoring you im actually just super shy i need some time to warm up to certain people please understand... i do try my hardest to talk however i love making friends so dont be afraid to hmu!!

i have professionally diagnosed anxiety and depression and i may vent sometimes but i usually keep it all on my vent acc so dont worry

if we become friends in the future feel free to ask for my nnid or skype!

ALSO you can find me on PokéfarmQ as user naesala ;) click my pokes maybe

🔪comfort characters🔪

•ghirahim (loz:ss)

•volga (hw)

•arthur (fe:if)

•octoman (fzero)

•guru ant (parappa)

•naesala (fe:por)

•hank (finding dory)

•jon talbain (darkstalkers/vampire hunter)


• youre transphobic, homophobic, racist or ableist

• if youre against or make fun of fiction/otherkin

• are against polyamory

• won't interact with me.. i love making friends so please im a desparate boy i love meeting people

• will spy

• are under 15 or over 19

• you like osomatsu-san or idol games/anime

•if you are factkin

•if you dont like seeing pda, i tag my pda posts and i try not too post them too often but sometimes i can't hold it in

•if you ship incest, pedo ships, real people etc. i dont care if its for coping you're gross

•if you think heterophobia, cisphobia, or reverse racism is real


~my ids, 100% me

setsuna (fe:fates)

•felicia (darkstalkers/vampire hunter)


•ruby (dark cloud)

i don't really mind doubles of my less important kins, so feel free to follow if you're any of them! i also dont mind if you're friends with someone who shares my ids, its just if you personally share ids with me itd probably be best for both of us if you didnt follow no sour feelings

LAST BUT NOT LEAST if you've read all of this dm me a picture of any of your comfort charactes/favorite characters!!