Alfred B Rhodes

Artist and Student in Florida

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Hello! I'm Bigby/Alfred and I'm a 14 year old Nonbinary Boy!I'm an artist and aspiring animator! I live in Weston, Florida and my dream is to go to art school and work for Disney animation studios!

I'm panromantic demisexual and am currently taken by my wonderful datefriend snow! We've been together since October 6th 2015! I'll post many PDAs and gifts to them on my account along with my interests!

I'm diagnosed professionally with depression, anxiety, ADD, and paranoia! I'm self diagnosed ( trying to be professionally diagnosed ) with psychosis, autism, and DID! I am prone to hallucinations, impulses, outbursts of laughter and anger, migraines, and muteness.

I ID as a lot of characters for coping measures! If you don't like it and feel the need to harass me for it please block me! Here are my ids.

( 100% me my identity are these characters )

Bigby Wolf ( The Wolf Among Us )

Andy Dwyer ( Parks and Recreation )

Dylan Rhodes ( Now You See Me )

( Still me )

Peter Quill ( Guardians of The Galaxy; Marvel )

Karamatsu ( Osomatsu-San )

Lucifer Morningstar ( Lucifer )

( Primary )

Panty Anarchy ( PASWG )

Sayaka Miki ( PMMM )

Deadpool ( Merc with a Mouth; Deadpool; Marvel )

Antonio Fernández Carriedo ( Hetalia )

Kenickie ( Grease )

Peter Pan ( Disney )

( Secondary )

Jean-Ralphio Saperstien ( Parks and Recreation )

Mettaton ( Undertale )

Ferris Bueller ( Ferris Bueller's Day Off )

John Bender ( Breakfast Club )


Jim Halpert ( The Office )

James Patrick March ( American Horror Story: Hotel )

( other )






Please don't follow me if

- you will invalidate me or my df

- are a truscum and or terf

- will make fun of me

- are conservative account

- are homophobic, transphobic, misogynist, and or racist

- believe in Cisphobia, heterophobia, and or reverse racism

Please dm me "🌵" if you've read all of this so I know you read my bio