Natalie Eva

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

When throwing a party, high-end entertainment that is both trendy and sophisticated, is what you and your audience look in for and, nothing could beat the ambience created by music and performances of a live band. Hiring DJ’s is one of the many options but the effect of a live performance is what that captures the heart and soul of your audiences, with the very first glimpse.
So, Big City Beat ensures this and adds zing to your event gracefully! This is one of the right choices as Big City is amongst the country’s best live performance bands for parties and other events. Since its foundation, wide-ranging styles of shows have delivered a hit over the other hit. Hence, you can rest assured of complete entertainment package that will certainly suit the taste of your worthy guests.
Its customized comprehensive shows cater to the audience choice as well as the budget. From the megastars shows to gala performances, it plays and performs everything. With its creative and cheeky performers, it has whole lot of entertainment for all ages and cultures worldwide. Choreographed performances in sizzling costumes add more grace and amusement to the commanding presence of the big City performers on the stage.
It has tremendous vocalists, fabulous musicians, classic dancers and horns that infuse the entire performance with energy and great sense of fun. Since years, this best entertainment package has played top40 hits to popular rock classics on number of prestigious events in Australia.
Big City ensures turning your ordinary parties into spectacular mesmerizing events that your guests will remember happily forever after. Give a great show and ramp up the whole party with this sensational and ultimate corporate show band in Melbourne, Australia.

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