Anna Conti

San Francisco California

Visual Artist living and working in San Francisco. You want the quick version? Watch this 5 minute video: I was born into a fairly rustic situation (no indoor plumbing) in Maryland and moved around every few months for the first few years, but my first memories are of the farm in upstate New York where my grandfather was caretaker, when I was about 3 years old. After that we moved every 18 months, living on the East, West and Gulf coasts, plus the Territory of Hawaii - I finished school in Dover, Delaware. I wanted to be a city person, and an artist, and started down that path, working as a graphic artist in Dover, and then Amsterdam, N.Y. (with stops in Philadelphia and Boston.) In the 70s I went into my "save the world" phase - gave up art for the more "useful" skill of hospital nursing, and joined the back-to-the-land movement. I married Tom Conti, we bought some undeveloped rural property near Oneonta, New York, and started from scratch (put in a road, drilled a well, built a house, etc.) We tried to live simply, grow/make all our own organic food, eliminate plastics and other toxins from our lives and use as little petroleum products as possible. We were mostly successful in those goals and it was a good life, but . . . One day I visited my brother Vern, who was living and working near San Francisco, California. I had actually spent several months in San Francisco as a 6 year old, but what do you know when you're that age? All I remembered were the hills and the docks. This time it was love at second sight. I knew, deeply, that this was where I was supposed to be. I went back to Oneonta, gave notice at the hospital, sold the property, gave away most of my belongings and drove across the country to San Francisco. Everything changed here. Tom got into acting, then culinary arts, then moved to the Philippines. I kept working as a nurse just long enough to figure out how to quit. I met David Sumner at an art opening, we got married and started making art together. So here I am, still thrilled to be living and making art in San Francisco. My paintings are for sale at galleries in San Francisco and elsewhere - for updated info, check my web site at