Dr KRS Murthy

Santa Clara, California, USA

Dr. KRS Murthy is child prodigy and a world famous polymath, expert in energy, software, information technology, telecommunications, healthcare, medical devices, biotechnology, nanotechnology, big data, venture capital, private equity, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, marketing, business development, competitive analysis and strategy, accelerated corporate growth, market analysis, finance and all aspects of business in many verticals. literature, some even Nobel winners, government leaders, international religious leaders. He is a world famous speaker with over 150 Key Notes and organized, chaired and lectured in numerous international conferences.

Murthy has led and grown small, medium and large companies in diverse technology, market and regions of USA at accelerated and record corporate growth rates. He has run few African American owned, MWDVBE and 8(a) companies. One of the African American owned companies in USA he led as the President grew from $60M to over $500M and a valuation of $3.5B in one year. The companies was listed in the Black Enterprise 100 at the top. Murthy has advised the CEOs and the BOD of leading American Indian, Hispanic and Disabled Veteran owned companies in USA.

Big Data: Murthy is an expert on big data technology, strategy and also a futurist. His knowledge spans all aspects of big data to include hardware, software, systems, networking, architecture, business and enterprise intelligence, data science and visualization.

He has managed research, development, product management, market research, business development multimedia product development and videophone in AT&T and AT&T Bell Labs, bandwidth compression technology for cable TV and variety of corporate and product / service business development and strategic alliance in AT&T, GE and few private companies in consumer, satellite and other aerospace, defense and industrial vertical markets.

KRS Murthy was a Professor of Electronics and Computer Engineering, Professor of Management and taught in Computer Science, Aerospace and Music Departments in Calpoly State University, Pomona and Fullerton campuses and Visiting Professor in other universities in USA and other countries.

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    • Entrepreneur, Polymath with expertise in many area