Big Data Joe™ Rossi

Global Sr. Director, IT in Murrieta, California

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I am extremely passionate about technology. I truly enjoy helping companies solve problems. Do you need help with yours? - BigDataCentric's purpose is to create a community of like-minded individuals interested in learning about and sharing their experiences with Big Data. We do this through our online presence at and our organized monthly meetups.

Monthly Meetups
OC Big Data Meetup, SD Big Data Meetup - These are groups for anyone interested in learning about or actively using technologies in the Big Data space. From Accumulo to Zettaset and everything in between. We will be focusing on learning about new technologies and deep dive technical discussions. Everyone is welcome that wants to learn more about Big Data. - Aggregated Info and Blog Posts Focused On Big Data Announcements, Trends and Technologies - Water in a “Lake” becomes stale and stagnates overtime if it doesn’t have a source of water coming in or going out. The water in that Lake becomes unusable to it’s consumers. The same goes with Data in a “Data Lake”, if it doesn’t have the data coming in and going out, it stagnates and becomes unusable by it’s consumers.Also, Rivers while providing water to the Lake they also have transformative abilities .. Such as adding minerals, redirecting to another source or river .. Making the water richer. The same should happen in a “Data River”. It’s best to enrich and take action on the data as it’s coming in, when it’s most valuable, before it stagnates in the “Data Lake”.

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