Dennis Knapp

Pomfret, Connecticut

Hi, My name is Dennis Knapp. I live in Pomfret Center, CT, a small town on the northeast side of the state. I am married to Susan LaRose. I work Full time CHR Milestone. I am a recovering addict that has been sober for going on 11 years now. I am a husband and a father and a friend, My politics are left to moderate and I wish rich ignorant white people that do not see that we are in a sociological change right now that can only solidify this nation and all its people. All its people! So do not be a racist and let everyone have the right to health care as a civil right. My GOD has skin and works inside al that are human regardless of any archaic ancient belief system. The power of love will always defeat the power of hate and bigotry. I do not believe that there is some magical place that that we got to when we are dead. The concept of heaven to me is going to be kept alive in the hearts of those I touch while I am here. The concept of hell is not being remembered by anyone after you are gone. This is my religion founded in the spirit of global LOVE>

  • Work
    • CHR Milestone
  • Education
    • Nathan Hale-Ray High School
    • The University of Hard Knocks