J Spencer Foster

The Universe.

Fall of 2016 @ 61

My life is an "AB" Miracle!

...half way thru my 9th cycle - ( @ 63 ) MVY/CHI/ASE in place for 2016/2017!

"The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice, it is conformity." - Rollo May

20 yrs ago, Christmas Night 1996 - "A Journey into "The Unknown"; - Now called "Wisdom!"

@ 41 - Dec 25, 1996 - I left Boston, MA for Taos, NM & started a "Journey of Self Discovery".

@ 54 - Mar '10 - 6 yrs ago, The Universe brought me to Milwaukee & Green Bay, WI.

@ 59 - Jun '14 - I faced homelessness in CHI. My community of friends in MKE took me in and "The Rest is History" A Story To Be Told!


June 2010 - Milwaukee "Downtown Books"

I AM .....a student of "Humanistic" Astrology!

"Cycles of Becoming" The Planetary Pattern of Growth" by Alexander Ruperti

Published in 1978

Alexander Ruperti, was a student of Dane Rudhyar and Dane Rudhyar was a student of Carl Jung in the realm of Humanistic Astrology.

......according to the book "Cycles of Becoming"

I've completed (8), 7 years cycles of CHANGE;

I AM, 1/2 way thru cycle #9.

(Age 55 to Age 63) @ 61 ... Martha's Vineyard EDG - Summer 2016. Winter 2017 Aspen. (Chicago - Fall 2016 Acting & Voice Lessons @ Davin Youngs Voice Studio!)

I've entered the

"3rd birth" of the 28 year Cycle of Uranus! (see below!)


Chapter VIII

The Uranus Cycle - page 187

"If one succeeds in remaining true to his vision and essential identity during the second cycle of 28 years, then at the age of 58 the potential of a "third birth" will arrive. For this to be possible - and it is, unfortunately, a very rare possibility, even those who have tried very hard to be real "individuals" - one must first come to terms with his past. He must have succeeded, in Jungain terms, in assimilating into his conscious ego some of the contents of the collective UNCONSCIOUS. This means becoming a true man of WISDOM, radiating through his personality that SPIRITUAL ESSENCE which was his destiny to manifest.

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