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Billy Fischer

I'm not nearly as clever as I'd like to be, though not for lack of trying. There was a time in my life when I had what I thought was it all. I've since been told to not eff with the display calibration on my iMac to the point it's uncorrectable and distressing to look at. Also, and in my defense, exhaust fumes in the cabin of a Range Rover can explain everything. Moving along, though, I'm at my best when I have a moment to construct an exceptional response that pleases me. This can be noted in most things I write, but when speaking my cognitive style is inefficient and fails to flow as freely as I'd like. Slowing down helps, but I forget. (Ever forget? Happened to me once.) I still consider myself a swimmer, but, to anyone that knows anything, it's really like calling a three year-old with finger-paint an artist. Something about the water that brings it all together for me, though. Swimming allows me to be systematically fluid in a way no other activity has even dared come close. I miss the beach, but I don't miss the distance. I branded myself by creating a logo that to anyone but me just happens to look neat. Do I need a logo? Nope, but should a day come when I've done something and become someone worthy of a logo, I've got a hat to wear. I like peanut butter in unhealthy amounts and prefer my toothpaste be refrigerated. I've been told I'm difficult to decipher when drinking, and while I love a good bourbon, any Sam Adams brew will do the trick. I have two iPods. One for Dave Matthews, one for everything else. I'm a Taurus and have not once in my life looked up my astrological information. I will, however, pay close attention to the light those constellations and stars reflect to my field of vision and savor every second I'm able to stare up into the vastness and take a step back from the trials and stresses of everyday life lived on a planet revolving around someone else's star in the sky. I love reading but don't allow myself to do it nearly enough, love photography but never remember to take any pictures, and love traveling but rarely have enough money to leave the tri-state area. If I don't know, I'll find out for you, and if you can't wait that long then we'll make something up.