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All Pakistani looking for a match for marriage are welcome on biggdayy. We provide a premium service for those who are seriously looking for matrimony.Pakistan is a country but has a very diverse population living in its four provinces.These people belong to different religions, communities and speak numerous languages .It is a culturally diverse area and finding someone special for marriage who comes from the same social background as you.

Biggdayy is also one of the leading Event Management company in Pakistan which provides competent events and planning events services such as birthday celebrations, Wedding Ceremonies,Picnic Arrangements,Content Structure & Engagement, Audio & Visual Support, Venues & Caterings, Event Print Production and many more.Specialists who know how to plan promote and run an event that will achieve your goal. Providing Unique event design and production for exceptional weddings.Explore wedding colors and themes for your biggdayy beautiful weddings, inspiration flowers, attire, themes and decor from top designers.

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