Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Young Saudi citizen striving in the media industry as a Country Media Sales Manager in a local digital media company – He is the founder of Re-Volt, an online radio blog, since October 2009.

Re-Volt came together as a result of numerous questions in mind about mainstream music, its effect on the youth and how it was lacking cause, awareness and intellect. The Internet being the strongest and main means of communication nowadays, a blog was an ideal vessel to transmit this ideology. His main emphasis was to follow/support the Arabic Hip Hop movement.

After much determination & hard work, he managed to launch Saudi's First "real" Hip Hop FM Radio Show on newly opened local station (MIX-FM). The show "Laish Hip-Hop?" (meaning: "Why Hip-Hop?") airs on a weekly basis & it showcases local & Arab Hip Hop artists that dont usually get FM/TV exposure.

Some more info about "Laish Hip Hop?"

Name of the show is "Laish Hip Hop?" which means in English "Why Hip Hop?" & its Saudi's FIRST FM Hip Hop Radio Show. I am the Host "Big HASS". The Aim of the show is to talk about the true essence of Hip Hop , also to support & play local Arab Artists that dont get the shot to be on the FM/TV Rotation. I believe that Hip Hop is a voice of the voiceless tool. It is a great culture and I want to show that to our listeners.

  • Work
    • Re-Volt Radio, MIX FM, Rezalution
  • Education
    • American University Of Beirut