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bea ♡

Student in Washington, DC

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bonjour my sweet lemon pies

i'm bea and just bea, you may also call me bee 🐝

i am a 15 year old french/canadian, my pronouns are she/her, i'm pansexual, i love pale colours and yellow, i love my cutie patooti puppy names cooper, and i am a vegetarian.

i cry a lot, i complain a lot, i'm super sensitive but i'm very open and straight forward.

i love my best friend nina and i always talk about her because i love her more than anything. i met her 3.19.16 and she is my other half. our song is all i want by kodaline.

i love fruits especially lemon and strawberry, pale colours but my favourite is yellow because a lot of my favourite things are yellow :^), cute girls, flowers, animals, and writing.

i am currently wrting a book about my life and my life is rlly fucked up so if you wanna know more about me you can read my book "the girl lover" by abeillemoon on wattpad, but it is currently a wip!

i dislike school, meat, most people at my school, mean people, maisie, my dad, and wasps.

i use these lil emotions a lot :^) :,) ;,) ;^(

i am a hopeless romantic and i am constantly falling in love and crushing on people, and i will most likely end up having a crush on you at some point.

anyway thankie for reading ily bye bye