Big League Dreams

Big League Dreams knows what amateur athletes want. Providing a major league experience in scaled-down replica stadiums, the company gives its customers the taste of the pros they have always wished for. Playing baseball or softball in mock-ups of historic stadiums, such as Wrigley Field, Tiger Stadium, Fenway Park, and Forbes Field, amateur athletes can take their game to the next level. Fans will also enjoy the experience of playing a part in these enthusiastic competitions.

In 2010, over 6 million people passed through the gates at Big League Dreams stadiums. Big League Dreams owns and operates fields at 10 locations, which have hosted more than 18,000 adult and 11,000 youth league and tournament teams. With six California locations and four additional parks in Texas, Nevada, and Arizona, the facilities are places for engaging sporting events and enthusiastic fans.

Stadium seating is incorporated into each location, as is a field house, batting cages, a playground, and a Stadium Club restaurant. Many Big League Dreams facilities also offer a 20,000-square-foot pavilion, perfect for aficionados of basketball, indoor soccer, and in-line hockey, as well as those hosting parties and large banquets.

Economically, Big League Dreams stadiums greatly benefit the communities in which they are located. Host cities are responsible for setting policies and pricing for each site, including admission and player fees, rental rates, and concession prices. Big League Dreams fields contribute financially to their neighborhoods as well. Proceeds from tourism and employment can help drive other local initiatives.

Beyond such standard offerings as stadium banners and web ads, Big League Dreams provides its advertisers with a number of creative options, including team sponsorship, event promotion, and product giveaways. Some of the facilities are still seeking official products and services. Interested parties are encouraged to get in touch by e-mail at, or by telephone at (909) 287-1700, to discuss potential bartering agreements and the benefits for each party.