We have all encountered at least one or two great ideas in our lifetime whether they be a business idea, a new way to bake your mom's cake or maybe a flat out genius invention idea... and some of them we may have written down on a napkin, the other ones we tried but gave up prematurely because we realized we didn't have the proper vehicle to make them work, or perhaps we simply forgot about it and never thought our idea/ideas would be that great nor get anywhere far.

Big List of Ideas believes that everyone produces great ideas BUT if these ideas aren't placed in the proper environments they will never flourish. It's a wonderful thing to have an idea, it's even more amazing when this idea is positioned in a proper fostering atmosphere where it has potential to become a reality and thus, now having potential to change the world, or at least the way we do things. Either way, it's an incredible start!

Again, we plan on getting a healthy array of ideas to begin with, these great ideas will then be used if and whenever possible. Simply stated... this will be awesome!

What's in it for you? having the eternal satisfaction of knowing that you didn't hoard and suffocate the idea to its death but rather, helped change the world! PLUS, any incentives or money you're able to make off of the idea of course, we promise we won't take any=) Again, our goal is to help YOU and your IDEA! It's all written in here isn't it? No one will be able to change that fact, last time we checked=)

This will be lots of fun! So if YOU have any ideas lying around in your pockets, share them here!...=)
Would you let them die? Or would you do whatever it takes for them to become a reality.
Even if you don't have any ideas, we strongly encourage you to suggest this page to all of your friends. We need to pass this message on! This might just help someone who really needs it, or help you in ways you may have never comprehended possible!

Thank you so much for being a part of this.

Big List of Ideas