Louise & Aleks

Hi! I'm 25 years old and a Support Worker for adults with learning disabilities. I'm taken. I love photography. I take photo's of animals, landscapes, pretty things, nature and sometimes whatever else takes my fancy. I use a Nikon D3100 with a 18-55 mm lens. I like to make my photo's look a little artistic. I spend a lot of my time working and the other half of my time with Aleks. When I am not working or taking photo's, I like writing letters (penpals) and being creative. I love reading! I am learning Polish, it's hard but fun especially with Aleks! :D


This about me is for our blog (biglittlestyle.wordpress.com), me and Aleks run the blog together. She's my model though sometimes I will model too. I put outfits together for her, do her make up and her hair then I photograph the outcome. At some point, we will photograph the hair and make up process too. We are trying to put out there that plus-size/larger women are just as beautiful as the slim/skinny women. The blog will contain photo's of our styles, make up, beauty etc. This whole idea came up whilst we were having milkshakes in one of our frequent hideouts! We work with both of our camera's together as they have different qualities despite being both Nikon camera's.