Michael Straumietis

Small Business Owner in Canada

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Advanced Nutrients is the world leader in fertilizers that are made specifically for cannabis and marijuana plants. In fact, at last count, they were operating in 92 countries--almost half the countries in the entire world! What makes Advanced Nutrients (or sometimes called "AN" by growers who use their products) unique is that they don't base their formulations on ideas or past research. Instead, they have a full-time staff of research and development specialists. This includes a staff of up to 23 plant PhD's at any one time that are plant scientists. These are the people who research specific strains and plant types to find out exactly what nutrients will make the absolute difference in growing hydroponically. What's also unique about Advanced Nutrients is that, despite it being a juggernaut in the industry, it is 100% privately owned. It was created by growers for growers and has been operating that way for decades.

Michael Straumietis (aka "Big Mike") is the founder and CEO of Advanced Nutrients--the #1 cannabis fertilizer company in the world. He has been in the growing game, in some form or another for over 30 years. In those three decades he has run a grow shop where he sold other fertilizers to customers, he ran a seed shop where he sold seeds to growers, and then finally, when he was fed up with the state of the industry and wanted to created better fertilizers and other plant foods for specialized growers of high-value plants, he founded Advanced Nutrients. The idea behind the company was always to use specialized research to give growers what they really needed. Today, Big Mike is very popular on social media as "The Marijuana Don", but his life is also about giving back. In fact, Big Mike is the founder of not only the first social-media based political party in Bulgaria -- but also the first true charity there called "Holiday Heroes" which has fed tens of thousands of needy families over the past decade on both Christmas and Easter holidays. In Bulgaria, the people there are often the victims of a corrupt government and Big Mike saw the opportunity to help and despite many obstacles did so successfully.

Advanced Nutrients hydroponics fertilizers and nutrients are specifically made to maximize the potential of cannabis or other high-value hydroponics gardens. What is hydroponics growing? It is simply a method of growing plants using mineral solutions, in water, without soil.