Authoress Evelyn Jackson

Authoress Evelyn Jackson

Evelyn Jackson continues to be an authority on entrepreneurship, as an author, as the founder of BignTime Success Academy. Evelyn own four other businesses and co-owner of Pastry Divas. Evelyn’s commitment to managing several projects effortlessly stems from finding her purpose, through a trying two years in her earlier life.

Evelyn’s adult life began living the dream of countless Americans, being gainfully employed in the corporate world for over fifteen years. Eventually, a near tragic event would simply turn Evelyn’s professional life around. A tractor trailer hit and run left Evelyn bedridden and almost helpless for two years. She was no longer able to fulfill her banking duties and her home went into foreclosure. Additionally, her marriage of eighteen years came to an end. Evelyn’s reliance on God for guidance would cause her to realize if she was going to have a life worth living, she would have to start her own business. Eight surgeries later, Evelyn joined the direct sales powerhouse Avon, working her way towards becoming the first and only African American Executive in the Philadelphia Area district, while on crutches. That determination won her two free cruises to the Bahamas all expenses paid.

Evelyn’s road towards entrepreneurship doesn’t end here. As co-owner and marketing manager of Pastry Divas she has sold over a thousand cakes and cupcakes and donated over five thousands cupcakes to various organizations since launching in February 2010. Evelyn transformed Pastry Divas into a success story, earning over forty thousand dollars in revenue in under a year. Evelyn then started D.S.B.G. in March 2010, which helps micro-small businesses with little to no money. D.S.B.G. has been featured in various media and has been invited to become a member of several professional organizations, which includes her new position as Director of Marketing with the Home based Chamber of Commerce in Philadelphia.

As a self-publishing author, Evelyn sold over thousands of books nationwide. Today, Evelyn is a sought out teacher, speaker and motivator for small business owners. She has a way of drawing people to her with the ability to bounce back. Evelyn believes you should practice what you preach, then focus what you teach.

Evelyn resides in Philadelphia. She has one daughter,