Dipak M. Patel

Rather than tell you about me....Here is what others say...

“Dipak is smart and creative and has tremendous drive. I am a big fan of his.” -Anthony Bettencourt, CEO Coverity & Independent Board Member

"Dipak is a strong and innovative startup CEO. He is great at relationships and very good at making lasting relationships. He has extensive tech experience and is very good at keeping up with the latest trends." - Jack Porter, CEO Forward Innovations & Serial Entreprenuer

“Dipak is a true visionary with the ability to simplify complex ideas, problems and solutions into digest-able components that even the most pragmatic consume with vigor. While Dipak enjoyed a very successful solution sales career at CA, his true calling was bigger and more leading edge than what we could offer. It was a pleasure to work with Dipak and I hope one day our professional paths cross again.” -Chris Thomas, VP Sales with CA Technologies

"Dipak brings great passion, drive and energy to any discussion or situation. I had the opportunity to work with Dipak on several projects related to product implementations, where he was very helpful to the development team in focusing our efforts to make the customer successful. I would welcome any opportunity to work with him again.” -Prajval Parthasarathy, VP of Software Eng with CA Technologies

“Dipak is a true visionary who excels at motivating others with his enthusiasm and leads by example with his tireless energy. He is capable of recognizing an individual's unique talents, matching them to the company's needs, and harnessing the creativity of a diverse team.” -Tamra Tieg Kjos, Dir of Marketing RivalZone Inc.

In addition to starting a new company, RivalZone...(very cool stuff!!), I formed Big Visioneering, a network of highly experienced and specialized technology, marketing, & business ninjas to help get "stuff" done for companies, groups and individuals. Stuff = "Helping you engineer and implement your BIG Vision". Some folks in the network are famous...some infamous... Let us know if you want our help changing the world with you.