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Bikas Gurung

Writer, Student, and Web Developer in Khairenitar, Nepal

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During life’s joys and challenges, I have been passing uncountable number of upward-downward, wandering here and there, facing many trouble and misery but till today I am unable to identify myself, who is I am. I was burn at the holy land of Malyangkot-3 Syangja in 1996 from womb of my lovely mother Deumaya Gurung and responsible father Suklal Gurung as youngest song. My house, small hut, where at the night you can observe moon and star without going outside from your bedroom through the hole of my house roof. You will not be safe from monsoon rain and summer son. Life is an open book for me, where I can study bitter and delicious moment of the life and can improve my living style. Social networking are my nearest friend with whom I can talk about my disease, joys, tears, etc. Free runner can help black pen in the world, can rejoice, weep, misled, and probably even laugh and lighten your mind can to some extent. Write unto article to learn something, perhaps not knowing my article, so I no doubt will be subject to the paradox of what we can be.

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