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So you've just bought your first motorbike. Congratulations! But owning a motorbike isn't like owning a car. A bike has special maintenance needs that differ from those of a car. If you treat your bike right, it will treat you right for years to come.

First of all, pay attention to your owner's manual. I know it's boring, but it's the single most valuable source of information on your bike. Motorbike manufacturers know more about caring for their products than you do, but they pass that information on to you through the owner's manual. Read it and apply that information.

Pay attention to the early miles you put on a new bike engine. Motorbikes have unique sets of instructions for how they should be treated for the first few hundred miles. Again, your owner's manual will come in handy here, as it should contain the information you need about breaking in your bike.

While you hear it so often that it's become a cliche, getting regular oil changes is a vital part of motorbike maintenance. There are many different moving parts in a motorbike engine that spin and whirl at high speeds. The only thing keeping those parts moving smoothly is engine oil. If the engine oil runs low or becomes dirty and degraded, those parts will grind into each other and begin to break down. If you ride your bike in dusty environments a lot, you may need oil changes even more often than the manual recommends.

So there you have it, the basics of caring for your new motorbike. I'll say it again - read your owners manual! That's where everything you need to know will be. It's specific to your bike and has all of the relevant information like about oil changes and other maintenance requirements.