charlie @miami_ebooks

ontario canada

🔪 charlie/biker/vincent/kav | he/him | trans boy 🔪
💾 15 | autistic | mentally ill | otherkin 💾
❤️ polyamorous | polyromantic | aceflux ❤️
✨ special interests:hotline miami, akira, edm, neopets, cats, nintendo ✨

hello im the irl biker+aban hawkins+kavinsky, and im an actual android king. i really love gore, gabber, synthwave, palm trees, knives, toys, amiibo, fursuits and a bunch of other bullshit. im also autistic and i have gad, ppd (with bpd+npd traits), sad, dermatillomania, iod, and psychosis. im also part of a system (ik im damn fucked up lol).