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The Hybrid Bike – What is it?

A hybrid bike is a combination – a hybrid – of two different types of bikes: a mountain bike together with a racing bike.

Mountain bikes were developed to be used off road. Thus they are good for trail cycling or for more extreme rides down the sides of hills and mountains. On the other hand, the racing bike is built with speed in mind and is suited to the flat surface such as velodromes and roadways.

There are of course alternative types of bikes such as the BMX. However, the hybrid bike has been developed so as to fit into the “halfway house” category, and is a combination of the two main types of bikes listed above.

Thus, the hybrid bike is something that fits between the racing bike and the mountain bike. This permits the rider to ride rapidly on a flat surface such as a road due to it having thinner tires than a mountain bike. But at the same time, because the hybrid bike has more gears than the racing bike, it’s easier to climb hills, and the riding position is more upright which allows for easier tackling of tracks that are off road.

The hybrid bike makes for the perfect solution for those that are unsure that they wish to have the virtues of a racing bike or a mountain bike – they can combine the benefits of both through a hybrid bike.

What Sort of Rider is the Hybrid Bike For?

It’s been established that a racing bike is developed for speed, while a mountain bike is suited to off-road riding. So, what is the hybrid bike particularly suited to? Where would you benefit from using a hybrid bike? Learn more about hybrid bikes at

Bike Commuting

They hybrid bike is very well suited to commuting. If you reside in a town or a city and you wish to use your bike to travel back and forth to work or some other urban locations, you’ll definitely wish to consider investing in a hybrid bike.

All the same, simply because you wish to ride your bike on sidewalks and roadways, it doesn’t necessitate that you’d have a preference for traveling at very high speeds while your feet are tied to the pedals, such as you would when riding a racing bike.

You may also wish to go riding through a park or along a beach, at least occasionally. You certainly wouldn’t fare very well riding over a sandy beach on a racing bike. You might wish to go out on regular family trips, a