Carolyn Jikiemi-Roberts


Our Bikram yoga classes can be for everyone of all ages and backgrounds, and we consider everyone can and should engage in yoga. Bikram hot Yoga in Brighton is a terrific approach to slow down in today's hectic world and get to know your inner self. My supreme goal, coupled with my natural ability to read the body and quickly assess misalignments and potential weaknesses, is to train some Bikram yoga winners of the future. Bikram yoga in Brighton has endless benefits. Bikram Yoga's signature series of 26 postures and two breathing exercises can aid you with a ton of afflictions ranging from ' thyroid issues to weight loss, stress to insomnia, diabetes to knee issues, kidney conditions to heart disease, depression to blood pressure, arthritis to back pain ' allowing you to maintain exceptional health for many years to come. From flushing out toxins to helping relieve you of mental stress and anxiety, to the entire body workout, Bikram yoga works each and every part of the body. Bikram Yoga is for everyone!

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