Bilal Tariq

London, UK.

In continuous search of my Personal Legend – At 25, I strive everyday to understand the purpose of my existence. Since graduating in 2010, I have lived in three different continents and exploited opportunities in Banking, Health & Fitness, Trading, and Oil & Gas. Now, three years later I am completing my Postgraduate degree in Management from University College London (UCL)...and searching for my passion.

Most people think that getting a job with a Fortune 500 company is the first step towards becoming successful. And agreed, it will definitely lead you somewhere close to that. But what does being successful really mean to us? What is our definition of Success? I believe that Success lies in finding one's passions and pursuing them rather than following careers that are scripted by others as means to achieving success in life.

For me, apart from being successful for myself, it's also about making a positive difference in someone else’s life. This can be by representing an idea of possibility, and inspiring a hope that each and everyone can achieve their dreams and make a difference in the world.

I plan to achieve these dreams in more ways than one. My passions include Health & Fitness along with exploring the fields of Life Coaching and Motivational Speaking for individuals and corporations. And, I continue to share my knowledge and experience in nutrition, weight training, group classes and supplements.

My aspirations have not made me averse to opportunities that lie outside of my personal interests, and that may surface in my hustle. A hard-working ethic forms my core and with that ethic I undertake all possibilities with optimism, and the endurance to never give-up.

  • Education
    • Postgraduate Student at UCL