Bilal Jaffery


An award-winning industry-recognized strategist with a strong track record in successful digital transformation of top tier brands like IBM and Bell.

Some of the work has been featured & recognized as industry's best practices by:

Forrester, Fast Company, Mashable, SocialMediaToday, Tim O'Reilly Web 2.0, CIO Forum & in Academia by: University of Toronto, University of Sydney, City University of New York & others.

Passionate about next-gen web intelligence + analytics approaches and solutions. #earnedweb

I started my online career in 1996 with my .com startup that offered streaming, email, community forums with my partner firm, Outblaze, now IBM (2009).

  • Work
    • Bell, IBM, CMA, TechData, Epson,, MP
  • Education
    • University of Toronto, MIT Media Studies, University of Waterloo