Muhammad Bilal Shaikh

Muhammad Bilal Shaikh (MBS),

a Multi Dimensional Pakistani with wide vision, theme to Internationalism, working on new ideas, providing Technical/Non-technical/Management trainings, positive Inspiration, influential Motivation, discovering Inside Instincts & X - Factor, concrete Org-Development and helping people in pursuing their dreams since 2004.

He has reverted many individuals, professionals and students from different careers to pursue their passions, discover their X factors inside them and goals with high motivation, objective and zeal. He is now serving as A.M -HSEQ, Corporate Trainer & O.D in Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC), leading national event, Boom Your Career - Pakistan, Founder of BMPS- International, (Bachelor, Master & PhD Services/Scholarships – International) & ISE (International Society of Entrepreneurs).

He is also serving as RJ/DJ - FM 101, Host/Anchor, Social Activist, IELTS & Drafting Trainer, Social Entrepreneur, Public/Motivational/Realistic Speaker, Career Counselor, Creative Blogger, Strategic Management Developer, International Scholarship Adviser, Youth and Corporate Management Trainer.

He believes, "Working on your or any individual's inner instincts or X-Factor is far more important than anything"

In addition, with experience of more than Ten years in Professional Public Speaking, Social Interactions, Anchor- ship, instructing IELTS , coaching various subjects (including Graduate & Post-Graduate students), Career Counseling and Public Relations by different channels, rose his communication, management and inter-personal skills. He has been associated with Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation, FM 101 as an Anchor/Presenter since 2004,.

The most activity to him,“taking risk, finding and discovering people, places and natural instincts inside people”, however, there is a long road ahead to achieve the milestone; this is just the beginning of never ending road to success because every success leads to another tough challenge.